Why a Standing Desk is the Perfect Mother’s/Father’s Day Gift

by Sam Fuhrer April 29, 2016

Why a Standing Desk is the Perfect Mother’s/Father’s Day Gift

As we age, each passing Mother’s and Father’s Day seems to develop a deeper meaning. We begin to value our parents more because unlike childhood and adolescence, time finally seems limited. What makes the passing of time more challenging is if on family gatherings we start to see our loved ones hunched over canes or walkers, tormented by their deteriorating bodies and physical pain. It’s a tragic reminder of just how fragile our lives are and what we can become if we don’t maintain ourselves.

As businesses become more and more tech based we find ourselves spending more time than ever sitting at our desks crouched over computer screens. Despite current exercise trends, the average person now spends 87% of their waking life sitting down (not including sleep.) We sit in the car as we drive to work, at work we sit at our desk, then we sit down for lunch, then we sit down some more at work, drive home, maybe exercise, and then sit down and stream our favorite series after dinner. There are innovative tools that can prevent this excess sitting and many bold companies, including Facebook, Amazon, and DropBox have all made the transition to the standing desk. They are aware that standing desks offer tremendous health benefits while they also allow their employees to increase their productivity.

Don’t let your mom or wife look like this!

We all have to work, and most of us have to work in an office. That does not mean we all have to suffer from back pain as we age. Recent research shows that most physical epidemics that plague our time have been caused by our sedentary lifestyles. If we simply make the decision to work upright or to split our time sitting with standing during the workday we can drastically reduce back and neck pain as well as obesity and diabetes.

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Stand While Working offers height adjustable sit-stand desks, upright chairs, and accessories to convert your current desk to a standing desk that are both high-end and affordable. We have excellent customer service and will work hard to help you find you or your loved one the ideal desk or chair for their specific space.

What’s a better way to honor your loved ones than giving them a tool that will improve their lifestyle and ultimately take their pain away!

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Sam Fuhrer
Sam Fuhrer