Why Your CEO Should Invest in Standing Desks

by Sam Fuhrer February 03, 2017

Why Your CEO Should Invest in Standing Desks

In the mid 90’s, people believed gym memberships were a passing fad.   Fast forward to 2017 and going to the gym is a daily routine for many high performance people.  The same can be said about standing desks.  A few years ago they were considered taboo, with only a handful of eccentric CEO’s using them. Now some of the most profitable companies in the world swear by them and the health benefits are absolutely astounding.  
    While healthcare is often debated in our society, the discussions are usually focused on the aftermath of when we are already sick or injured.  The conversation we need to have is on preventing illnesses and injuries in the first place.  If you are part of a company that values health and wellness, it is essential to start using ergonomic office furniture.

    As technology continues to progress we are becoming more entrapped in our digital worlds, spending upwards of 9 hours a day stationary in front of a screen.  A sedentary lifestyle is correlated to diseases such as depression, diabetes, colon cancer and obesity.  
    The good news is there is a growing demand to be healthy, and as gym memberships are on the rise, people want to make their time in the office proactive as well.  We want to feel healthy while we’re working, which consequentially makes us more productive.  Individuals that use height adjustable desks report increases in productivity, happiness and general well being.  
    This does not imply that people should ditch their chairs completely, and its important to note that standing for the entire day is not recommended. The best strategy is to stand 15 minutes every hour, which keeps the body moving and active throughout the work day.  
    Focal Upright, a startup founded by Martin Keen (Keen Shoes) in 2012, has some of the most innovative products on the market.  Aside form their Locus and Sphere standing desks, Focal Upright provides leaning stools that are made to prevent standing desk fatigue, which results from prolonged standing.  Users simply rest their lower backs on the seats which provides all the benefits of standing, with the comforts of sitting. Their seats range from $99 to $715, and have a series of high profile clients including Google and IBM.  

    Humanscale, a company famous for their international presence, and having a beautiful, minimalist design is another great choice.  The Float Table is unlike most standing desks because it doesn’t use an engine or crank to rise, it simply floats up with the push of a lever.  

    The QuickStand is a great option if you don’t want to go through the trouble of replacing your desk, and are looking for an efficient way to convert your existing work space to a height adjustable desk.

    The benefits of standing desks are endless and as more offices transition to modern work spaces, CEO’s that care about the health and well being of their customers and employees will provide them with the option to sit or stand while working.

Sam Fuhrer
Sam Fuhrer