Converting Your Desk To A Standing Desk Is Easier Than You Think

by Sam Fuhrer May 16, 2016

Converting Your Desk To A Standing Desk Is Easier Than You Think

Let’s be honest, replacing your desk is a huge commitment that many of us may not be ready for.  We come to work each day, place pictures of our family on it, let valuable papers pile up on top of it, occasionally eat our lunch behind it, and it would actually make us sad to get rid of this thing.  At the same time we know the research out there highlighting how the traditional office desk and chair is destroying our back.  Wouldn’t it be great if there was an alternative? If there was a way to make our workspace more ergonomic, reap the benefits of a standing desk, be more productive and burn more calories, but not actually have to get rid of the desk we already use?

Well there is a solution.  Desk converters  have recently become some of the most popular products in ergonomic office furniture.  These accessories allow you to turn any desk into a standing desk by simply placing the product on your existing desk, giving you the opportunity to sit or stand whenever you choose.

I recently visited a showroom for the company Humanscale in downtown Manhattan.  They are perhaps the most high-end design company of ergonomic products in the world and they specialize in sit-stand workstations.  While they offer a beautiful standing desk called the Float Table, I found their most impressive product to be  a device called the QuickStand.  Interior Design Magazine actually voted it the best office accessory for the decade in 2015.  You simply place the stand on top of your desk and slide it up to your preferred position.  The desk cooperates perfectly with your needs, has excellent stability and it slides seamlessly.   The quality top notch and it feels and looks like something Tony Stark would use.

QuickStand Humanscale Tony Stark in the office

There are also more economical options.  For someone curious about a standing desk but still a bit skeptical as to whether it will work for them or not, Uncaged Ergonomics offers two accessories that are no-brainers.  The WorkEZ Standing Desk ($109.99) and The WorkEZ Executive ($69.00) are easy to move around and turn any surface into a standing desk.  They are both geared more toward using laptops rather than monitors.

Uncaged Ergonomics WorkEZ Standing Desk



It is now easier than ever to avoid a sedentary lifestyle and ditch the habits that lead to chronic back/neck pain, obesity and diabetes.  It can be emotionally overwhelming to replace your desk but that should not keep you in your seat all day.  Converting your desk is an excellent alternative that allows you more flexibility with your current furniture set up while providing you with the tools to have an upright workday.

Sam Fuhrer
Sam Fuhrer


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