ApexDesk started out with the vision to bring affordable ergonomic desk solutions to the entire family - adults and kids alike. That’s why they are determined to designing and bringing adjustable standing desks and products that would benefit the whole family.

ApexDesk was founded by fellow computer geeks who have spent way too much time on their desks and in front of a computer. Though it was a blast in their early years, it soon took a toll on their body and health. One got a really bad back injury that had stopped him from his favorite sports. Fortunately geek number 2 was still in one piece but his beloved wife have had a difficult pregnancy and labor that have affected her lower back. What they had all in common is that they could NOT stand sitting all day! Yet in order to run business and make ends meet, you still needed one way or another to work efficiently.

This is when founders of ApexDesk started to look for suitable adjustable desks that would accommodate for switching sitting and standing positions throughout the day. Unfortunately even for the hand cranked versions were way over $700. However, with geek number one and two's extensive background in the computer and manufacturing business, they've tapped into their old network and connections and have decided to partner up with Danish designers to develop a series of ergonomic desks while also being "very" affordable.The sketches and build plan were sent to China for manufacturing and voila!