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 Praise For Stand While Working

"I've been looking for a standing desk for a long time and settled on the Sphere Pro bundle. I haven't been able to find anything similar in the UK and so have imported it from the US. It's a great product. The service that Sam from provided was exemplary, even down to getting up in the middle of the night to deal with the shipping company bringing in the product and ensure delivery was as expected. I would recommend Sam and his business to anyone. He has absolutely the right approach to customer service. Thanks Sam."

-Chris B, UK

"I purchased several of these for my social work staff, and they are thrilled with them. There are other options out there that I priced at 5-6 HUNDRED dollars. Maybe they were a LITTLE more convenient or nicer looking, but not eneough of a difference to justify spending that kind of money. (we're a Nnoprofit-we don't have that kind of money! LOL)."

-Tiffany, UT

"Thankful we ordered the Confluence Table!  We are now more productive and generally in better moods during meetings. My team looks forward to engaging and collaborating now. Also recommend the Mobis Seat. Thanks Stand While Working!"

-Marissa, CA 



Sam Fuhrer, Owner, at a Locus Bundle 

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